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Jerome K. Jerome is a famous and spectacular novelist, essayist, humourist and playwright in the English literature. His fictional heritage comes with hundreds of outstanding works flattering readers throughout a century. The works of Jerome E. Jerome reflect not only his epoch, nevertheless his inner world, backdrop, life experience, socio-political sights, etc . The novel " Three men in a boat”, written in 1889, can be constructed in a specific method helps to create a message from the story. This kind of structural and stylistic unit reveals a number of interpretations regarding the meaning from the action in the novel. The key characters with the story will be three close friends who made a decision to have a rest and planed an outing down the Thames. " There are four of us–George, and William Samuel Harris, and myself, and Montmorency”. The writer depicts the field of countryside over the story, which is unchangeable, and in many cases static. Peaceful and easygoing are primary characteristics of these world. The novel depicts nature and discusses how beautiful it is. Nature, plus the theme of river in particular, is employed as a image to describe profound personal emotions and lifestyle experience of a person. The author offers only a lot of hints to the reader to understand the meaning from the novel, and under " river” and " boat” Jerome T. Jerome means our existence with non-trodden paths, which will we have to carve. " To people who carry out contemplate producing Oxford all their starting-place, I would personally say, have your individual boat – unless, naturally , you can take someone else's without any possible danger penalized found out. The boats that, as a rule, happen to be let for hire on the Thames above Marlow, are very good boats”. Nature is a symbol that represents situation and the understanding retrieval, the need to find older truth. The theme of normal water was usually one of the topical ointment one. Human's life flows like a river, it is comparable with the rain or snow weather. Drinking water represents your life cycle of nature compared to the human's lifestyle. A glorious scene of...