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" Cat in the Rain” recounts the story of the American couple on vacation in Italy. The entirety in the story's action takes place around the couple's hotel, which will faces the ocean as well as the " public backyard and the conflict monument". Through the entire story this rains, going out of the couple trapped into their hotel room. As the American wife wristwatches the rain, she views a cat crouched " below one of the leaking green desks. ” Sense sorry intended for the kitty that " was aiming to make their self so small she would not really be dripped on, ” the American wife chooses to relief " that kitty. ” On her approach downstairs, the American better half encounters the innkeeper, with whom this lady has a short dialogue. In this face, Hemingway particularly emphasizes how a wife " likes" the innkeeper, anything that is repeated often over the stories of In Our Period: " The wife liked him. She liked the deadly critical way this individual received any complaints. She liked his dignity. The girl liked the way he planned to serve her. She appreciated the way he felt regarding being a hotel-keeper. She liked his old, heavy confront and big hands". When the American wife finally arrives outdoors that kitten is gone, and, slightly crestfallen, she results to the place alone. The American wife then includes a (rather one-sided) conversation with her spouse about the points she desires with her life, particularly how your woman wants to subside (as against the transient vacation life the couple has inside the story): " I want to eat at a table with my own sterling silver and I wish candles. And I want it to get spring and I want to thoroughly my hair out in the front of a mirror and I require a kitty and i also want new clothes. ” However , her husband, George, continues to examine his catalogs, acting dismissively of what his partner " wants. ” The story ends if the maid arrives with a " big tortoise-shell cat pressed tight against her and swung straight down against her body, ” which your woman gives to the American better half. This stopping is both abrupt and ambiguous, and " depends on the unknown of the tortoise-shell...