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п»їв…. Introduction

Mozart was widely known as a time-honored period composer, but he also thought to be a great excursion and a predecessor to Romantic period. His compositional career is normally divided into Early, Middle, and Late intervals and the past due period was from about 1815 right up until his death, and also undoubtedly recognized as a transition period from Classical period to Romantic period. This is a magic period that Beethoven created a great transition, just like what this individual did in his composition for the next generation. I will take his middle-period piano sonata Operative. 81a as one example to talk about performance practice in this piece, such as form, a harmonious relationship, articulation, artwork, and " cadence ". I will explore what innovations he made, how he changed and transited to a new period. Ⅱ. The backdrop of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 81a in E-flat Major Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 81a in E-flat Major, known as the Les Adieux sonata, was crafted during the years 1809 and 1810. This kind of sonata has three movements—" Das Lebewohl, ” " Abwesenheit, ” and " Das Wiedersehen” (" The Farewell, ” " Lack, ” and " The Reunion, ” respectively). The emotions represented by this sonata are not the ones from a love-story or a hero-worship story. The background music is a batiment to the a friendly relationship, deep every friendship shaped in schooldays and macho as Beethoven's ripest skill. This is the initial and only Sonata by Beethoven which has a particular programme to point its con­tents. It was dedicated to Archduke Rudolph, the most youthful son of Emperor LeopoldⅡ. Archduke Rudolf was also a musician who also might have built a reputation as such in the event he had recently been cast adrift around the world. When justin was sixteen he became a pupil of Beethoven; and it is impossible not to recognize a unique quality inside the numerous essential works that Beethoven focused on him—the present Sonata, the Eb Concerto, the last Violin Sonata, Operative. 96, the last Trio, Operative. 97, the Seventh Symphony, and the Missa Solemnis in D significant. These were not really...