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three or more. 1 Efficiency Boundaries4

three or more. 2 Organisational environment6

3. 2 . one particular Analysis of the main makes affecting the profitability of industry sectors of WT/EAO6 a few. 2 . 2 Analysis of the competitors of WT and EAO (using Greenley's framework)7 3. installment payments on your 3 Evaluation of the much environment9

several. 3 Efficiency Culture10

several. 3. one particular High-profile ethnical symbols for WT and EAO10

several. 3. a couple of Low-profile cultural symbols at WT and EAO10

several. 4 Category of the ethnicities according to Handy and Deal& Kennedy11 3. a few Problems that face organisations upon cultural changes12




Figure 3 one particular: Systems map covering the surroundings at WOLF THEISS Attorneys-at-Law (" WT”)4 Figure three or more 2: Systems map covering the SAP support services for EAO-Bratislava (" EAO”)5 Physique 3 three or more: Forces regulating competition of the legal industry6 Figure a few 4: Porter Forces regulating competition with the SAP technical services industry7 Figure a few 5: STEEP Analysis of WT and EAO [ means similar affect on equally organisations]being unfaithful Figure three or more 6: Classifying the cultures of WT and EAO with Handy's cultures unit. 11 Figure 3 7: Classifying the cultures of WT and EAO with Deal and Kennedy`s nationalities model11 Determine 3 8: Relevant Complications on Ethnic Change (Hendry and Hope's Model)12 Number 4 1: SWOT Analysis of WT environments13



This report aims to explore and analyse the primary relevant elements in the organisation's external environment affecting our organisational job and the challengesor opportunities that they may present. The main target is to advise changes to the structure and/or culture inside the light in the analysis carried out. The research has been likewise comparedwith an additional organization, as a result of the collaborative dialogue with anothermanager.

The following frameworks have been utilized for the analysis:

Porter's, Greenley's and STEEP´s frameworksfor the evaluationof the external environment and to light up the challenges and/or options they may present. Handy´s and Deal& Kennedy´s frameworks to explore and identify the existing different organisational civilizations and to talk about the ramifications of these types of lifestyle. Hendry and Hope ´s model can help us to focus on how challenging cultural changesare.

One other aim should be to analyse and evaluate the important challenges provided by the exterior environment and draw out relevant conclusions and recommendations of changes to the structure and/or culture in the organisation.

The report shows that the organisation is especially affected by economical, reputation and political factors. The analysis of the opponents environment brightens a high bargaining power of clients.


" WT” is a well reputated worldwide law firm operating out of Vienna and operating in doze countries in Central and Eastern European countries, with approximately 700 employees. The objective of the organisation is to guard client passions and to provide them with genuine personal/professional services in long term. During the last 10 years the firm has grown up at very quickly pace due to the economic increase in Austria and Asian Europe. Yet , the the latest economic downturn recently had an impact on the organisation.

The opinions and effects of the collaborative dialogue with another manager have been bundled in the statement. They control from a suborganization of HP referred to as EAO, based in Bratislava, which can be providing professional IT companies to many intercontinental companies across the globe. EAOis devoted to developing products, services and information which have been accessible to everyone, including people with afflictions or age-related limitations. This kind of commitment helps their industry’s diversity and " Total Customer Experience" objectives and helps ensure that some great benefits of technology can be found to all.


several. 1 Efficiency...