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4. Check out the comprehensive list of operate accounts receivable and look into significant strange items (e. g., credit rating balances and zero balances).

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When scanning services the thorough list of accounts receivable (aged by client, if practicable), the auditor should be alert for danger conditions and unusual trends that may show audit dangers that require additional attention; for example , unusually high or low sales activity in the current period (30 days or less), concentration of balances between a few consumers, customers with known economic difficulties, the presence of related firm balances or unusually excessive levels of extended overdue accounts.

The auditor also needs to be aware of credit rating balances within the list because they could result from, many other things, unrecorded revenue, erroneous articles to the accounts or, occasionally, special orders or loans arrangements with customers. Scrutiny of client accounts by credit office and others minimizes the risk of problem associated with credit rating balances.

12. When certitude are not sent, for selected accounts:

a. Evaluate subsequent remittances credited to the accounts with remittance tips or various other receipts (e. g., pay in slips and bank statement) and uncover that repayments relate to the account amounts.

b. Examine paperwork such as shipping documents, copies of product sales invoices, consumer sales requests, and other relevant correspondence helping the delinquent portion of the account balances. Coordinate this kind of test with the review of the collectibility of overdue accounts (see step 17b)....