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Inquiries for Lesson 1

Define marketing and both goals of promoting. As a firm president, clarify why all the two desired goals of marketing is very important to your company. Give cases.

Marketing bargains mainly with customers although it can have many definitions. This simplest description is: Promoting is taking care of profitable client relationship. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008). Promoting has two main goals of appealing to new customers and keeping current customers. Inside my company the goals of attracting new clients and retaining current buyers is essential to keeping the business profitable and relevant. My own company Vice GOLD, the clothing brand, will be starting soon and our advertising has to be powerful. We have good reviews from testing some of our pieces at vogue shows and limited customers. That is great referral marketing because each of our current buyers are referring to us, which will get long term customers excited when the brand launches. Each of our current clients appreciate each of our excellent customer care and creative styles. This will make them need to stay clients because they will remember the way they were cured during the buying process. And with them on the mailing list, these are the first to be aware of of new and limited edition models. Attracting clients, is important because we want the corporation to be rewarding and be recognized in the fashion world. What is the between a purpose, a want, and a demand? Describe the necessity versus need for the following items: a vehicle, Gatorade, Nike Shoes, fundamental foods, an iPod, and housing. Whilst they may typically be confused for each various other, there are distinctions between a purpose, a want, and a demand. Our requires are essential intended for human success. They consist of, clothing, normal water, warmth and safety. The social needs of that belong, love, and individual needs expertise and home expression. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008). Basic foods are needs because understand what eat you are going to die. Enclosure is another require because we all...