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Jacob Bartley

Chapter your five Homework

your five. 4

The phrase log features 4 several meanings.

A part of a tree trunk

Recognized record

Action of writing something within a record piece

Act of cutting down trees and shrubs

The word court docket has some different connotations.

Where idol judges work

Quadrangular area to get a sport

A royal establishment

To be romantically involved

The term check offers 4 different meanings.

To measure something

To avoid or slow up the progress of something

To go a piece or pawn

To pick to not make a gamble in poker

5. your five

1 . Lost

2 . Zuzugler

3. Friendly fire

4. Terminate

a few. Inaccuracy

six. Budget

several. Feedback

five. 6

three or more. The three proposals are straight opposed to one another.

4. Whilst he investigated companies, this individual looked intently at the net. 5. Each of our backpacks are hand sewn by one of the 16 individuals.

5. 8

1a. Tailored to

1b. Use adapted to for people who do buiness purposes because it shows that you were able to learn a new practice.

2a. Puzzled

2b. Work with confused since the word befuddled may not be well known.

3a. Helper

3b. Associate sounds even more professional.

4a. Testing the waters

4b. Pilot project sounds more business just like because the term " project” comes off as a process.

5a. Cogitate

5b. Believe because cogitate is too big of a phrase.

5. 9

1 . When the automobile organization announced the strategic cut back action, this offered workers a career several improvement system.

3. The endorser has gathered estimates of changing our personal computer. A copy from the estimated cost has been added to the hereto.

4. Make sure you keep in thought that all this article writer is in superb need of a new computer system.

5. 10

1 . An application must be carried out to apply for rewards.

2 . Computers, the Internet, and toll-free telephone lines are slashing the price of delivering finance.

3. Intended for final acceptance, the vacation schedule must be routed to all or any supervisors.

5. 11

1 . An awareness of stocks and bonds is important if a single wants to make investments...