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 " Still My spouse and i Rise”- Maya Angelou

Hurt, anger, and discomfort are all stated in Maya Angelou " Still We Rise. ” In the composition the author exhibits her rage and soreness towards just how society remedied her mainly because she was obviously a black woman. Reading this part at the end of each of stanza, you will notice the author uses repetition and end every single stanza saying " Continue to I'll Go up, " stating that no matter how badly society has cared for her, she'll not allow it to stop her because she will " rise” up by it showing her internal strength and determinedness not to let anyone get to her.

Reading this piece by Maya Angelou you will notice the fact that author uses numerous literary elements including metaphor, simile, symbolism and imagery over the poem. The first literary element metaphor is found in range 21 in the poem. When the author says, " You might shoot myself with your words” their suggesting a comparison between a gun and words. This kind of line sticks out because of the depth and clarity it brings to the poem. Even though the creator has believed great large number of pain and hardship, she continues to strive even though society tries to take her down with their words and phrases.

One more literary factor that the writer exhibits inside the poem is simile. The first example of simile is found in line six when the writer says " ‘cause My spouse and i walk like I've acquired oil bore holes. ” The writer is evaluating her going for walks by declaring it's like an oil very well. Trying to translate it the author is saying that she is no more going to be worried to go walking being who she is. As an oil very well which can symbolize wealth or perhaps money, she could rise up and walk around becoming confident in who she's not enabling anyone take her down. Another fictional element the author uses in the collection is symbolism. The author uses symbolism when she even comes close walking to an oil well. Oil is actually a symbol intended for wealth or perhaps money mainly because oil is very valuable point to many persons. Which could always be what the publisher is trying to clarify is that she no matter if she's wealthy or...