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1 . Ominous: Giving the impression that anything bad or unpleasant is likely to happen.

installment payments on your Promontory: A spot of high area that sticks out in a large body system of drinking water.

3. Vagabond: A person who wanders from place to place with out a home or job.

4. Enmity: The state of hawaii or a sense of being definitely opposed or perhaps hostile to someone or something.

five. Disembarked: Leave a dispatch, aircraft, or other car.

6. Waning: (Of the moon) possess a slowly smaller component to its obvious surface lighted, so that it appears to decrease in size.

7. Lintel: A side to side support of timber, natural stone, concrete, or perhaps steel throughout the top of your door or window.


1 . It can be easier intended for the men of the lake-town to trust in Smaug rather then Thorin and firm in the middle of the wild since Smaug is a real threat which is a real thing- he features terrorized the lake-town just before and has flown all around. Thorin is much more mysterious and a newcomer to the area after his grandfather's and father's was taken by Smaug.

2 . The men of the lake-town refused to remain overnight where the dwarves disembarked because it is at the Depressed Mountain's darkness.

3. The surroundings that the organization trekked through (also referred to as Desolation in the Dragon) experienced little turf, neither rose bush nor shrub, and cracked and blackened stumps.

some. The dwarf that explains to Bilbo that he was in Dale the morning the dragon attacked was Balin.

5. Bilbo wonderful companions discovered some things on their scouting trip such as:

•Finding hard steps that lead upwards

•Finding remnants of a thin track

•They found a great entrance into the Lonely Huge batch but the business was unable to open it.

six. Bilbo finally begins to have a leadership role in the organization because he starts to make crucial decisions that change the search drastically and he is reliable and uses the Engagement ring to his advantage in order to him greatly.

7. Bilbo finally unlocks the secret to the door by simply...