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Chapter I


Background of Study

Most of the people now assume that technology has made life easier and more secure and that offers enabled to accomplish tasks that individuals could not do otherwise. The term online scholar portal is presents details from varied sources in a unified method. It may consist of services that offer standard google search feature, media, information, sources and entertainment. Portals offer a way for businesses to provide a steady look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which usually otherwise might have been different entities entirely.

An online college student portal is among the essential areas of a school. Since technology advances alongside, the information revolution, the power of computer makes it easy to distribute and look at information required with a few clicks. Since published by simply kayweb. com (2013), The web portal that they required was an application which usually would allow Telsyte analysts to post various information, in the shape of documents, and enable different users to be able to logon and down load these forms. It had been also intended to empower Telsyte's clients to monitor the application of their subscription by workers. As published in the internet site of Chalmers University (2013), The Student Site is in which all information and all services that students will need can be found in one place. The knowledge on the Scholar Portal is for active learners at Chalmers University. The contents of the Student Portal are broken into the tabs Studies, Speak to and Support, Student Lifestyle and Careers and Careers. There is also a basic homepage you choose to find information and backlinks to additional internal internet pages, and a home page necessitating a get access that provides services and personal data. According to Fuangvut (2005), he mentioned that a campus portal is an exciting new phenomenon forming part of the fresh generation of online providers for all stakeholders in establishments of higher education. He added that the general notion of the portal ought to be to be distinguished from that of other web-based application as well as the traditional intranet of the company. According to Waldorf College or university (2013), the myWaldorf Pupil Portal is definitely the gateway to the College. A number of the features readily available through the website include the capacity to view marks, submit training course enrollments and access students account. Improved applications, features, or efficiency may be installed within the myWaldorf Student. Since published in the site of University of California, S . fransisco (2013), The student portal provides entry to important information including fees, registration holds, degrees, and training course enrollments (study list filing). You also can update your addresses and anticipated graduation term, file the Statement of Legal Residence (if required), and post student wellness history data The student portal will assist you to view boost your talk about and mobile phone information. You should keep these details up to date all the time during your job at UCSF. The university or college will are expecting you to be aware of all deadlines and other information which the university delivers to the emailing address that you maintain within your record as well as to your UCSF e-mail consideration. As printed in the internet site of Stockholms University (2013), of to through the contact with various other central devices, the Student Site is able to offer every effective student a simple selection of companies, such as course- and programmed pages, web mail, study outcomes and routine. Students can also request transcripts, change treat and forward e-mail. Additionally to these pupil services, teachers and program administrators can choose to make use of students Portal's numerous functions, elizabeth. g., world wide web registration, evaluation notifications, debate forums, website pages and study course evaluations. On the net Student Portal is defined as the entry point intended for college or universities that delivers a centralized source of data and...

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