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Learners who are late in the lecture not only reduce valuable teaching for themselves, they also disturb course, interfere with lessons in progress, and disrupt additional students' attentiveness. They also interrupt those busy teachers whom are not able on guiding learners in their helpful because they may have something to do their school-works such as grades of the pupils, lessons, etc .

Educators agree that prompt and regular university attendance is a crucial key to a student's accomplishment. Students should be taught to show respect intended for staff as well as for peers, and one way to do this is always to practice immediate and frequent school attendance.

In a 1999-2000 survey, student tardiness and absenteeism were reported as challenges by about 30 % of public school principals, at 32 percent and 29 percent, respectively greater than vandalism, theft, or student possession of weapons, by 6 percent, 4 percent, and 1%.

Being on time is a characteristic parents should certainly instil within their children. Not merely will this be valuable during the general and second school years, but it may also serve your kids well in university and over and above, when being on time is up to them alone. Background of the Examine

Tardiness and absenteeism will be habitually done by most of the college students nowadays. Within our school, any kind of students shall be considered habitually tardy if he/she incurs tardiness, three (3) times a month during the school yr, as well as they shall be deemed habitually lacking if they incurs not authorized absences not really exceeding the allowable 3 (3) days in a month without submitting an excuse notification. He/she is considered excuse if he/she posted the same on time. Most of the learners incur tardiness if these were not able to arise early because they were unable to sleep punctually; some had been doing a large amount of things at nighttime, especially home chores. A few were having their review late nevertheless mostly keeping their selves busy wasting time in the world wide web, chatting with good friends, and texting. There may well, on occasion, be an illness or perhaps emergency that creates your child to be late or perhaps absent at school. Consequently, they are going to just take a great absence, thus every time they wake up late, they will just take another deficiency, and quickly to be a behavior. Sometimes college student absents as they are afraid of a thing in school like strict professors, they do not include something that to become pass on that day, at times they lack of because they are worn out or tend not to want to go to school because of nothing. Objective of the Study

To learn why the scholars of Bacoor Unida Evangelical School participate in being tardy and missing To be aware of the normal factors of being tardy and being lack of. To know when students perform commit lates/absences at college. To know the things that can help the scholars to get over being tardy/absentee. Conceptual Framework

Statement from the Problem

The key topic from the research is: The Common Factors Impacting the Regular Tardiness and Absenteeism of Sophomore and Junior Students of Bacoor Unida Evangelical School Educational Year 2012-2013.

The study should answer the subsequent:

1 ) How often carry out students receive late on school?

2 . What correlates to abnormal tardiness?

three or more. What are the outcomes of being tardy?

4. What are the factors which will help the students to overcome tardiness? 5. How often do learners commit absence at school?

6th. What are the common causes of staying absent?

7. Precisely what are the consequences of being absent?

8. Exactly what the things that can help you to overcome absenteeism? Statement from the Hypothesis

The students, particularly in high school, considered the main cause of tardiness was waking up past due; on the other hand, the main cause of absenteeism was sickness, which delivers a huge impact to them in terms of their learning process and academic skills.

Therefore , this kind of study was performed to help the students as...

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